Why would the married man who used to be friends with benefits with me suddenly be interested in what my parents are like?

This married man and I have been having an affair on and off over the past few months. The most recent incident he came to see me and we were intimate talked a little and then he left. His last words as he was walking out the door was for me to have a good time with my parents when they came to town the next night. A couple days after my parents came to town he texted a mutual friend of ours asking if they were there at the bar where my parents came and what they were like. Why do think he would be curious about what my parents are like?


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  • My question is why are you messing around with a married man? There are plenty of single men out there that would love to have a friends with benefits.

    To answer your question he was just making conversation with you. It had no meaning behind it. He doesn't see you as anything special or else he would have left his wife for you. Which if he did I don't know why you would even want to be with him.

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