How do you know if a guy wants to hook up with you or date you?

I'm about to go to the movies this weekend with this guy I've known for the past few months. We've hung out a few times and had a lunch date before. We haven't kissed or held hands or anything. Mostly friendly. We text sometimes which is light flirty. I've heard from someone that he's hooked up with girls before, but I heard it as a rumor. I really don't want to go on this "date" if he just wants to hookup. So how do I know if he just wants a hook up or something more?


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  • if you've been talking/going out for a couple months and he hasn't tried anything yet then he probably likes you, especially if your convos are genuine and you enjoy each others company. but sometimes guys will want sex before the relationship to"prove your love" if he wants that then just walk away.
    - i hope it works out


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  • If you're really getting along - conversation is flowing, laughter, etc - and he isn't being super sexual (physically, innuendoes etc) then you can assume he likes you for your company.

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