ASTROLOGY Question : Are we compatible?

I met this guy recently and surprisingly I really like him already. I'm a textbook scorpio and guard my feelings excellently and I almost always pull back when I like someone, I recently met a cancer guy and he is just so fascinating to me I can't bear running away. Something about him interests me deeply and I start to see him as a risk to be taken like a risk ( getting my heart broken ) that could be worth taking.

He is very different from most guys I've met and I can't figure him out entirely, this interests me. I also do think he's interested in me and I think we are very similar , more than I know.. I think he senses this more than I do. I was thinking in the world of romance and researched both of our venus sign - I am scorpio sun , scorpio venus. He is cancer sun, cancer venus. we are both the same sun as venus , sometimes I think that this couple can be fireworks. The cancers I've met seem like they could be powerful without demeaning scorpio and also while understanding each other emotionally. which is honestly like my ideal relationship..

Are we highly compatible? How can I know?

- When I'm with him he is very sweet and respectful. He gives this essence that he is the prince and I am princess.
We've never kissed and he hasn't tried to get lucky he's really respectful more so than I'm used to.

-When we're together there is a strong connection - I just feel very drawn to him almost magnetically. He is comforting , We talk everyday and he's out of town at the moment.

- He's invited me on a trip with him to vegas (we're in la ) . This is a trip with his buddies and I will be the only girl - I think its strange he invited me as his date rather than going wild in vegas with friends. He really wanted me to go and asked me several times ( I said yes ) , I truly don't think this was to sleep with me because he never even invites me over at night or ask me to spend the night. he's very respectful towards me.


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  • You guys have a strong combined energy when you're together, no? I can sense that when things are going well, things feel like they just "click". I think great possibilities can come out of this, as you two compliment each other exceptionally well. If you put your minds together, things will work well, but if you have dissagreements, you will clash, hard!

    There is a goal you're kind of working towards in your life right now, no? That's the only thing I would be weary of.


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  • Well, if your Q is only based on astrology many will probably call it rubbish. I like astrology, but if you're going to use it you need a lot more than sun signs. Not all scorpios are the same and neither are all cancers. You need to know other things and learn how to read charts. Check out astrology websites.

  • You might have better luck deciding, if you check your biorythm compatibility. That seems to make more difference.
    You only need to know his birth date, and you can check it up on the internet. Just do a Google search.

  • Get ready for a bunch of "astrology is bullshit, why are you worried about it?" answers lol

    Oh wait, I'm going to give one of those. Quit worrying about astrology, dude. You're two people with your own PERSONALITIES, interests, dislikes, etc. The placement of the stars, sun, and moon at the exact time of your birth doesn't imprint a personality into you, nor does it determine how compatible you are with other star children.

    Be reasonable, not wishful or romantic.

    • I dont base my life around astrology but it interests me and I personally find it to be accurate.

    • Well of course it's accurate when you want it to be. Anybody can give generic, broad descriptions of those personalities they list, and anybody else can find some way or another to relate it to themselves.

      You said it yourself that you are intrigued by astrology, so you already have the desire for it to be true. That doesn't mean that it is though. But dealing with people basing it off astrology is a bit silly. Take people as they come, and for who they are. It doesn't make much sense to gamble them being like some prediction that a horoscope says they're like or not.

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