Guys, if you had a girl over, why wouldn't you want her to leave?

She's over and you're watching movies/hanging out/whatever and it's getting late. You're into this girl in whatever way, shape or form.

You seem reluctant for her to go. Why the reluctance?

When can she tell it's genuine interest and not just a ploy to get laid?

  • You enjoy her company and want to spend more time with her.
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  • You just want her to stick around in hopes she'll put out.
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  • You do enjoy her company, but deep down wouldn't mind if she put out.
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  • When can she tell that it's genuine interest? When a guy repeatedly does this for maybe 7-8 times. Most guys are lazy so they wouldn't call you again after 3-4 times if you don't put out, but the genuine one WILL keep calling you up.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I'd never try to sleep with a girl if we weren't already in a relationship personally, so if I did that I'd just want to spend more time with the girl. I'm pretty sure most guys would go with C though, and honestly it's probably just safe to assume the guy is trying to get laid.

  • I would enjoy her company and want to spend more time with her
    sitting , talking to her, getting to know her more, maybe cuddle
    with her if she's comfortable doing so.

  • A and C combined. Men are only human.

    • I know. It's why I asked. Was curious what the consensus would be. How could she differentiate between genuine interest and a ploy to get laid?

    • There isn't really any way to tell out of hand. The best way to find out is to just go with the flow and see what happens. If he becomes pushy then you leave. If he respects the initial boundaries and just wants to cuddle with you in bed that's all good. We will always try to initiate sex. I was once told 'If a woman is in bed with you and you don't try and have sex she'll think you're gay'. That and the fact I love sex with people I love or care for. So, there isn't really a list i can give you either way. It's all about how the vibe is leading up to the invite to stay over that night. Nothing wrong with saying 'I'll stay but I'm not in the mood for sex tonight.' If he wants you there because he wants you in whatever form you come in he'll accept that. If he doesn't he's just trying to use you. Nothing wrong with communicating with us to find out our intentions.

      I'm sorry I can't give you specifics here but

    • *I'm sorry I can't give you specifics here but there isn't really any way to tell out of hand.*

      ^ That's a strange error.

  • If she's the right girl, Id vote A+B+C

  • actually its d├ępends who is that girl !


What Girls Said 2

  • C - most likely...

  • I just put one to find out the results