Why can't I seem to get a man who loves me?

I am a cheerful person, I am shy but I know how to flirt, I see myself as attractive, my friend said I am pretty, but I can't get anybody to like me.

Not even one man ever approached me first. It is always me.

My 2 past relationship, I started them. I confessed. I know them online. After that they go head over heels for me. So I know that I can really make a guy fall in love. But it needs my effort. Why did not even 1 guy ever do that to me. Well both of them left me for another woman. I guy around me never interested in me. It is always some man online desperate for love and lonely.

It hit me deep. I feel insecure. Am I really unworthy. Not even 1 guy ever wooing on me. Both my ex left me for another woman. I am having low self esteem after those things happen.

It takes a while. For me to get back up on my feet again. I work out be fit. I wear braces and smile prettier. I put on nice pretty clothes. Tried hard to be the best part of me. Improving everyday. Just to get a guy to like me.

But nobody ever comes. Stress. Why did this happen. Is it because I am shy on the first time I meet a guy. Why? I see my unattractive friend w dead personality get a man. But not me. Am I lacking.


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  • Its best to get busy doing other activities (hobbies, studies, job, family, friends) than trying to do all kinds of stuff mainly to get a guy. Keep working on your health and looks, but ONLY for yourself, not to get a guy. Bcoz even though thr might a million guys in this world, you are going to love only one person truly. The right time has to come. No, its definitely not that you are lacking in something. Lack of confidence is killing you. Its just that you haven't yet found a guy who is strong enough to stick on with you. Its not your fault. Sometimes life just tests you. Stay strong. Its a beautiful world out there. Help others whenever you can. Thats what life is all about.

    • Wow. I literally get tears at the corner while reading ur comment. Thank you. I need this.

    • I could relate to ur question totally as I've gone through all this. You'll do well. Have a nice day!

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  • I can truly relate. I have had an online relationship once, and I was truly in love with her.
    I loved talking to her and spending all day playing games and having fun with her.
    There was a problem though, I really wanted to visit her in my summer vacation, but there was where all the trouble began. She didn't want to meet me, she didn't want me to be able to hear her voice, while she talked to other people online sometimes. So that truly hurt me. Later I found out that she preffered girls over guys she was happy she and her ex began talking again. And then she just called me best friend. So yeah, that finished it for me. I couldn't sleep for 4 days straight after that.

    But anyway, you didn't ask this to hear my story.

    I am shy, do not know how to flirt and I am not sure whether I am attractive or not. I have never had a real life relationship, yet I truly feel like I am missing love in my life.

    But I do know that I have to keep working hard for myself, not for other people. You are still young, the love of your life may be waiting around the corner. Keep making yourself happy, because a smile is the most attractive thing in this world.

    And don't worry, it's not your shyness. In fact, there are guys who love shy girls. Including me. So have hope, and the love of your life will cross your path.

    I do say this, but I do have the same thought as you, I think I am lacking, or think there is something else wrong with me. But I never seem to be able to listen to my own advice

    • Yes these things sure do make us feel lacking and feel as if there is something wrong with ourself. But I guess we have to learn to love ourself. Find our inner self. And the right person will come unexpectedly. Thank you.

    • No, thank you. I smiled.

  • Build a happy single life first. Quit relying on a guy to love you to make you happy. Afterwords go from there. :)

  • Works on improving your personality, behaviour and attitude. It makes all the difference in the world.

  • Don't worry I'm sure the right guy will come a long. For now how about try focusing on other things? Your prince charming is just around the corner so just wait :)


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