A girl drives to see a guy. (They've been seeing each other for a while)

She thought he stood her up but he fell asleep. He apologized and made it up to her. What do you think? Should she forgive him?


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  • I would definitely be on the edge even if he apologized. You would have to go out of your completely to make it up and do the driving this time. I'd also feel pretty awful you fell asleep on me hoping you were waiting up to see me

    • he said next time he'll come see me. he made me laugh the rest of the night and was very sweet in the morning. gave me a tshirt with holes and fish guts. any take on what that means? he's country and i'm a city gal.

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    • you're right. I'm definitely not driving out there again unless he comes here. He has come my way before of course... and the t-shirt was clean! lol they were left over stains after wash.

    • Lol well then perhaps he was joking about the shirt than trying to be coy. Keep strong and hold your head up. Don't let this guy railroad you even if he turns out to be a good guy.. sometimes they all look good till you see the true side

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  • Honestly if this guy (or you) made it up to her I don't see any problem with it. Yes, it was a stupid mistake and her being a girl could think of MANY scenarios.. Poor girl may be mad or sad and thinking that you don't like her as much as she thought you did.. or she may think you're like every other guy whose stood her up or treated her bad... but if you made it up to her AND you sincerely fell asleep then I'm sure she'll forgive you because we all make honest mistakes sometimes.

  • I'd be super pissed off. But yes, this isn't a dealbreaker lmao. She'll get over it. Eventually.

  • I suppose so, but that's pretty rude

  • Depends how far the drive is, and how much i liked the guy. Id be pretty posse though.

    • 90 something miles. Would you see him again? He was very sweet that night and next morning.

    • Pissed*
      i would have to be in that situation but maybe

    • he made me laugh the rest of the night and morning. then gave me an old tshirt with holes and fish guts? any idea on what it means? he's country and im a city girl.

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