I have trouble maintaining friendships and gfs? Help?

I'm not sure if it's a problem with me, or the people I associate with, but after some time (usually within a year) the end result is we don't talk and they hate

Person 1: I had a gut feeling this girl lied about going to the hospital to cancel our date, so I called her out on it and she flipped at me

Person 2: I wouldn't give him a ride home ONE time and he got mad with me and we don't speak again

Person 3: was best friends with this girl who broke up with her bf 9 times within like 6 months. I just asked her out to get her away from him and she did NOT say no... bit she hasn't spoken to me in 3 years

Person4: this guy at work made a threatening comment behind my back, a friend told me so I told management, 2 of my female friends viewed me as a rat and said "oh its not a big deal what he said" and stopped talking to me. And yes the guy threatening me got fired

Person 5: my other female best friend was told by her bf she couldn't talk to me... I begged her that she's making a mistake and she, stopped talking to me

Person 6: she's a recovering alcoholic and I would say things of support yet she would get offended? ? She stopped talking to me too

As you all can tell, I'm just sitting back reflecting on my life and tryna improve myself and would like opinions

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  • you have not met the right people yet! c'mon they're just shifts before you! you definitely are not a problem otherwise ur life could've been worse... you wanna improve urself? socialise with the right kind of guyz and gals.


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