Has this guy finally moved on from me?

This guy that I met from a summer camp in July told me that I was the "prettiest girl he has ever laid eyes on" and we liked each other at the time and we kissed, made out, held hands, texted, flirted, touched by butt and he put his arm around me. Then all of the sudden a week later, his interest in me has gone down and didn't want to kiss me anymore or hold my hand. We didn't really date or hung out. He hold me we should hang out and I invited him over and told me he couldn't and after that, I gave up on hanging out with him. I really didn't want to be in a relationship with him because he acted like the type that may be abusive and I didn't want to get hurt. I haven't contacted him in a month and now I found out that another girl is writing on his Facebook wall, "Cant wait to hang out" =] He replied, "me too" <3 This kinda made me jealous and he commented on one of her photos saying, "Very pretty<3". This girl is prettier than me and I'm jealous. Did I do the right thing by not texting him at all for a whole month? And also, should I contact him again or not talk to him?


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  • You guys never had anything, there's nothing for him to move on from


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