I just met a new guy in class and this other guy seems jealous?

So before this new guy came, the guy that now seems to be jealous would flirt with me--he would touch my feet with his, say "all girls who play (specific sport that only I play) are hot/I want to marry a girl who plays that sport." We danced to a slow song and he twirled me around and he was really kind, but after a while he kind of stopped. Then, this new guy came (He is really attractive by the way lol) and sat right next to me and when I talked, the new guy would look straight at me. He also pointed out the things we have in common during class, and he helped me with my chair. After class, I stayed while others left and he stayed with me and talked to me a bit and then as we left, he walked down the hall and kept looking back at me smiling. Meanwhile, the guy that used to kind of flirt with me (but never asked me out) looked kind of jealous and he would look into my eyes way more often than he would before and he asked me a couple questions. His arms were folded across his chest and he just looked kind of sad---while I was talking to the new guy, he would also look over at us a few times. Is he jealous? and why? He never asked me out and didn't make an actual move or anything for the past two years...


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  • Maybe he was waiting for you to make a move. Now he really is jealous