Girl won't talk to me now after we stopped messing around for the summer?

So me and an old friend were hanging out this summer and became close friends and we got a little involved with each other. Well, she's leaving soon to go back to college so we broke off the intimate part (we were going to do that from the beginning anyway) of hanging out and now she's acting funny. She won't talk to me over the phone nor will she hang out with me anymore. She will ignore any of the texts I send her asking to hang out. She's also not as open and its like there's a big wedge driven between us. When I text her she won't say a whole lot. Its like she's a totally different girl, definitely not the girl I knew before.

What should I do? I've tried talking to her and explain that things haven't really changed through texting (the only way she will talk to me). Should I just stop trying to talk to her for a few days?


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  • Let her chase you! If you don't text she will think 'why aren't they texting back' which will make her want to text you!!


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