So he drops the I'm moving away bombshell? Help?

So me & this guy have been more then friends for ages! & this last month our relationship has progressed massively! We act like a couple but neither of us has brought what we are up. Well anyways today while texting he dropped the Im moving back to Canada bomb!

It really upset me and I was a bit blunt tbh with him but it felt like with everything going so good he was just leaving me hanging. So I sent back a 'good luck...' Blunt text after not responding for half hour because I was in shock! He writ back 'where see what happens though long way away isn't it?

Was this to do about 'where'll see what happens between us.' Comment or just a 'where'll see what happens.' In general comment?


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  • Drop the texting, this is a time to speak to him one-on-one over the phone or in person. I suggest being honest and telling him how you really feel. If he's definitely leaving, there's no point letting it end on a "we'll see what happens note" - you both need to know where each other stands and if you can't see it working long-distance then it's time to move on. Long distance isn't impossible of course. I was dating a girl in Spain for a while (I'm from the UK) and cheap flights aren't that hard to come by these days. Either way, it's something you ought to have a conversation about

  • It means he wants you to fight for him to stay... He wants his girl to take charge


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