He has a photo of me saved on his laptop. Does it mean anything?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 6 weeks or so. We act like a couple whenever we go out (hold hands, kissing etc).

I went to his place yesterday and we cuddling on his bed. After a while, he asked me if I wanted to watch a film.

As he was going through his laptop, I saw that he had saved a picture of me onto his laptop on the desktop.

Does it mean anything that he's got a photo of me on his computer? Could he be serious about me?


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  • He has a crush on you. It should be a good thing because that shows he has feelings for you.


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  • I can not understand how you are not sure if he is serious about you while you have been holding hands, cuddling and kissing. I probably loves you.

    If you don't love him back, that's going to be a problem.
    But it's your fault that he might be taking it to far. That is what you get for kissing, cuddling and holding hands.

    But that is just my opinion, so keep that in mind.

  • whapsssh whapsssh whapsssh, you got him hooked

  • Maybe he is or just really likes you a lot


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