Why would this guy do this to me?

I am 18 years old and today, I texted this guy that I went to school with to hang out. He is very good looking and he told me what time and I responded, at 3. Then he told me he's not sure and he'll let me know and then I said ok. Then he snapchatted me saying he was hanging with another friend. Why would he say that he wanted to hang out meanwhile he was hanging with someone else? I really wanted to be in a relationship with him. Did I mess up?


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  • he either already made plans with this other friend so he had to say maybe to you to see if the plans with the other friend would fall through or not and since they went through he messaged you saying he is hanging out with another friend. that's what it seems like to me.


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  • Either he doesn't know how you feel, or he doesn't have mutual interest.

  • no your fine nothing happened your over thinking it


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