What does a guy normally do around a girl he really likes?

I want to be able to catch signs that this guy likes me, but it's hard to tell. We're already really close and I know that he's normally very confident and outgoing with everyone (and naturally touchy) so Im not good at picking up on hints when he tickles or play fights with me. How do guys act differently with girls they have strong feelings for in contrast to girls they just want to fool around with?


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  • You will know as they will treat you like the only girl that matters anddlwants totalk to u a lot and will smile tease and stare at you alottttrr


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  • I nomally unzip my pants and boxers, and urinate on her leg to leave my scent. That way even if she is talking to other guys for the night they know i've marked her and she is taken.

    • Thanks for your candid answer, doesn't help though

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