Should you ask your ex questions about the break up if you start talking again?

My ex and I have recently been hanging out again after being broken up for 2 months. He dumped me out of the blue and gave me very vague reasons why. I am itching to discuss it with him and ask him honestly what happened - I had certain suspicions that I found out were true and it's driving me crazy, I need to clear the air if there is any future for us. Do you think it's ok to do this? I really need him to be honest with me...


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  • No.

    The reason is simple. Just enjoy life and his company. The past is the past. It will do not good asking complex questions right now. I understand you feel you need security and to understand his reasons but you also do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

    He won't stick around if he becomes uncomfortable and he'll disappear again if you quiz too much. One night when you've had tons of fun and you're just chilling looking at the stars or something say 'Why did we go wrong the first time?' and see what he says.

    Don't go into a fresh start with an old agenda. Life is too short. Just stay safe and don't do or commit to anything you don't feel comfortable with. Good luck.


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  • Of course he should tell you why properly and not just be vague.
    You could not want to be with him when you know the reason, or he could have a problem with something that will continue to be a problem because you don't even know it's a problem.
    He can't just drop you, not give real reasons and then pick you back up again like it's nothing, with no explanation. That's just rude.