Ladies - Do You Get Mad When Men Approach You?

I've never had a date in my life, kissed a girl or had sex before... all because I have approach anxiety. I am graduating college in a few days, so I am trying to get out to the bar/club scene for the rest of the week to try to talk to women.

Ladies, what do you feel when a guy approaches you? What if he dressed well, is courteous and just a nice guy.

For example, what if a guy said this: "Hey there, how are you doing tonight?"

Would that bother you at all? What if you were sitting down with your group of friends and a guy tried to approach you?

I want some opinions and explanations as to why not or why this would bother you.

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Alright - Ladies, if you say yes on the poll... at least explain your reasoning in the opinions section. If men didn't approach you, humans would die out because women rarely approach men.


Most Helpful Girl

  • as long as they don't try to act like they're too cool and good for me.
    e. g
    *he catches up to me as im walking and as he walks by me he says,
    "Damn, you are so God daamn beautiful. ;) Like god damn, mmm"
    then he winks, and walks ahead of me and walks faster and faster away from me until he disappears from my sight.
    Then for the next couple of months, almost everyday, he figures out the routes I take to head to my next classes and he intentionally walks really close to me, tries to make eye contact with me so he can wink, then when he winks, he walks away like he's too fresh for me.

    Just ask, "Hey, how are you doing?"


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  • It wouldn't bother me at all. It's nice when someone asks that because you never know, that person could be having a bad day.

  • It wouldn't bother me if i where alone, but if i was having a night out with my girlfriends it would bother me a little but i would still be quite happy. If a man approaches me it's like a compliment almost :P

  • As long as they're respectful it's all good!


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