What do you do when your ex, whom you broke up with recently?

What do you do when your ex, whom you broke up with recently and after an acid conversation, where he called me icy and not being into him for real, too, posts some songs that I assume are about us? The songs are quite clear, about breaking up but still being into the girl.. never met someone like you and stuff. Now what I wonder is , given that he knows that I am now with someone else and that I know that he is single for now, and that he said we shouldn't be in contact and seemed so convinced about our breakup... what should I make of this? I'm asking because it bothers me.. if I knew he was over it, I'd be a little better off. Although I have my reasons not to ever return to that relationship. I just feel like he is torturing me with this, it's not the first time it is happening, with posting songs.


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  • If you have every intention of not reconciling with him, then I suggest that you simply ignore his posts and perhaps cut ties with him, for now, at least, to avoid giving him false hope and to help expedite his transition to life without you as his mate.

    • The ties are cut..

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    • Avoid personalizing rejection, and do not dwell on them. As many rejections are not intended to offend. Thus they are often not personal to the person who rejects the other. Think of dating in terms of compatibility and incompatibility, not acceptance and rejection. Then, focus on the people you are compatible with.

    • That makes total sense. I've seen that the same applies to my mentality during a relationship, it's some sort of power struggle.

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