Is she actually interested this time or not? Girls help me out here!!! My curiosity is getting the better of me!!!?

I met a girl back in May and she is amazing. We went out a few times and had a great time. Got a little physical, but no sex. Then she told me she had been sorta seeing someone else but they were on a break and she wanted to see what happened there even though she had feelings for me. So I backed way off and started seeing other girls. Nothing serious, but having a good time. Fast forward two months and the girl's other situation crumbled, as I knew it would. I saw this girl at a party a few weeks ago and I said hi to her, but that's it and was spending all my time with this other girl. The very next Monday she blew up my text. Asked me to hang out with her and do stuff with her. I was thinking "wow, this is weird". So then this past weekend I went out with a different girl on a date. The very next day the first girl texted me to go see a show with her and a few of her friends in a couple weeks and has been texting me daily and being very friendly. She hasn't been like this since we first met. I am really trying to figure out what I should expect. On one hand she is maybe thinking enough time has passed that she just wants to be friends. On the other could it be that now the timing is better she actually wants to see what happens? I've asked a few of my girlfriends and they think she's interested, and I want to believe them, but I am just very skeptical. It's not like the girl broke my heart or anything, but it did sting a little the first time. I'm not actually sure I want a relationship anyway since I have been having so much fun being single. Based off what I told you, what do you think? I'm just curious. I'm fine either way though, just wanted to hear some opinions.


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  • You're clearly interested, if you weren't you wouldn't be asking this, but she does sound interested, she probably had a bad connection with the other guy, or something. You should try to go for it, if you want. But if you say you're happy being single then go ahead and be single!

    • I am happy being single, but I fell pretty hard for this girl the first time around. It's never really gone away. I would honestly be happy either way, but if I had to look myself in the mirror and be honest, I think I'd be happier with her. There is a bit of an age difference, but I don't think too much to overcome. I'm 35 and she's 28. It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens!!!

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    • No I haven't. The stuff she says to me is what makes me not throw in the towel. She didn't come out with us last night, but she just texted me a minute ago to see how I'm feeling today. I know she's out doing stuff and not sitting at home bored, so she must be thinking about me. I don't know much about her past relationships. The only thing I know is she has been traveling pretty constantly for the past two months and will finally be back for good next month. She texted me her travel schedule and said she promises she's not making excuses and I didn't accuse her of it, so my thoughts are that she probably doesn't want to start something now while she isn't around enough to really make it work, but doesn't want me going away either. I don't know. It makes sense, but it seems it would be easier if she just told me that outright. At least I'd understand. Who knows with her! The good thing is I'm making sure I don't miss out on anything else while this is happening. We'll see what happens!

    • One other thing is too when most of my female friends say goodnight when I've been talking or texting with them, they say "night" or "TTYL". She says "sweet dreams ;-)". It just seems more intimate to me. I could be reading way too far into it, but I have noticed that.

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  • Well I have been in this situation before. I have an idea whats going on with her because I have been in her position before. I've dated someone when I was already talking to someone. And I really liked the new guy I was dating just like she did with you. I think its the fact that the person she was already talking too she develop feelings for, but somewhere before she met you, things may not have been going smoothly with her and the other guy or maybe it was and she met you and had felt connected with you. Thats how I felt when I dated this new guy. Sometimes you can't help but to like 2 people at the same time. But I think she went with him because he came into the picture before you. But now I think she feels like there maybe she made the wrong decision. I think seeing you with other girls made her want you even more. So yea I say she wants you. But its up to you what you want to do.

    • Wow!! You about hit the nail right on the head. My thoughts are the exact same as yours. I think she definitely felt a connection with me, she pretty much told me that in a roundabout way. But I think you're right, because she was with that other guy first, she felt like she should see what happened. But, since that went nowhere, she could be deciding if I am still interested, she wants to see what happens. I am certainly still interested. Honestly, I was going out with other girls to get my mind off her. I fell for her the first time, hard!!! I just don't want to have it happen again. I could have told her she was making a bad decision, and not even because it was me. But sometimes people have to figure that out on their own. A few of my girlfriends have said of course her seeing you give attention to someone else got to her! That's how girls are. I just hope if she wants to see what happens, she really does because I like her like I haven't liked anyone in a long, long time!!!

    • Yea you right people have to make their own decisions. I think you should give her a call and ask her out.

  • It seems that she want to see where this is going with the date with her friend. i use do that i get a guy i like and my friends tell how he is and if i should see him or not

    • Well her friends keep asking her why she is not with me. Like they don't understand it because we are perfect for each other and flirt constantly.

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