What would you do? Was he being sincere in asking, or what it just cause. Fwb, talking, I don't know!?

So me and this guy I've know for several years started talking again about 4 months ago after my breakup. We hung out for a few weeks then slept together, then I didn't see him as much and then it was just watching a movie and having sex. Here lately he's been wanting to do stuff, and today he said he is ready to see me, I ask when will that be and he said tmw evening after he gets done with a family thing, unless I want to come and eat with him and his family. I haven't texted back and he texted me and said it would be here in my town at a pizza place. I don't know what to say. I'm confused now, bc I thought we were just fwb. And I am okay with that. But isn't that crossing the friends with benefits line. Also last time we did some thing he had me stay the night at his place.. so confused!!


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  • He wants to advance from friends with benefits to an actual relationship with you. Make your intentions clear if you don't want advancement because if you don't say no now it will drag on. Unless of course you are interested in advancement then by all means go with him and meet his family and have fun :-)


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