What is a great way to get a guy to understand you?

lately i been trying to get my point acrdss to him but im in the wrong but i been trying my heart out to have this talk to him. for some reason when he answers i get nervous and hangup. what is a great way to text him explaining we need to talk? i dont wanna send a simplr message but a great message that simply categorize me trying so hard and me admitting my mistakes. i messed up bad (didnt cheat). what is a good text any guy would like to receive when a girl admit her wrong doings?


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  • How about calling instead of texting. Texting sometimes is a poor medium for feelings bc things can be misinterpreted. Call and explain how you feel. Voice communication always meant a lot more to me then texts. You can also get a feel for how it is based on tones and inflection.

    I've been through the same thing. Good luck!

    • by the way since I posted this, my girl knew I had a hard day at work and things were taken poorly by my bc texting doesn't show tone or inflection. She has since told me she's taking a week "off the grid" and that just leaves me more confused. This is why I recommended voice communication rather than texting. When things matter or are coming from the heart, use your voice if you can't do it face to face. Good luck!

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