For the girls that have dated/dates or is/ was in a relationship with a guy weren't attracted at first?

If your in or was involved with a guy you didn't find attracted to begin with how was it? How long did it go before you get attracted to him? Why did you decide to continue to date him?

And was is worth it? Are you still dating?
Im kinda dating this guy but im not phycial attracted too him. Am i an superficial person for thinking i need to find som more goodlooking?


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  • there's different levels of attraction. the ones that immediately seem hot or amazing are often just the ones who just want to get in my pants. they have that swag.

    then there's immediate attraction that is more subtle, you feel it but you don't feel like OMG... you feel like "i would not mind if this guy kissed me, but i am not losing my head over him i am getting to know him"

    that's what it was like with my boyfriend. when i first met him i felt like we had a good conversation, i didn't think he was like channing tatum but i did not feel turned off by him, he made me laugh, and i enjoyed his company and by the end of the date i knew i would not mind if he kissed me. it took me a while to fully warm up with him but on our first date we were strangers. so considering i was able to spend a few hours talking to a stranger and he could make me laugh and it didn't feel weird, plus i didn't feel turned off or weirded out by him, plus i realized i would not mind if he kissed me, that was a good start.

    however i had my heart open to love. i used to just look for that instant high level of passion that swept me away. i learned that these feelings are usually trouble and learned to look for someone i could enjoy his company and feel interested but not to the point that my head and judgment are turned off. that was my boyfriend. and the attraction just gets stronger and stronger as time goes on.

    • My situation is that i know he likes me and i think he thinks that im phycial attracted to him, but im not. He is nice and we have some of the same intrests. Like i said im not phycial attracted to him, so im torned between still going out with him and se if i can become attracted to him, or just stop seeing him and/or tell him i just want to be friends. Aby advice?

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    • Im not turned off by him, i just don't feel like i want to kiss or do something sexual with him yet. I have kissed him, or he kissed me, so i know he wants me and the "relationship" has already taken a sexual turn.
      . Right now im kinda panicking and im thinking "what the hell am i doing?" I really feel that i need to find someone more my type, but then again i feel like im overthinking all off it and just wait and see what happens

    • I say give it a chance. I think types are bullshit personally.

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  • As a guy I would rather have her not interested so I can be with a girl that likes how I look. Sexual passion is a nice thing.


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  • Well initially I thought he was ok looking based on pictures we were talking on Facebook and Twitter. When he actually took selfies and sent them I was like wtf? but I like him at that point and gave him a chance. He looked really weird in person but it did not bother me. I found things about him physically that I did like he had a bald head that I liked to rub, a nice goatee, and luscious lips. We are not together anymore long story short he had a lot of mental issues that made the relationship impossible to continue without me ending up with some mental problems of my own. Would I give someone else a chance that I am not really attracted to at first? yes, but I would definitely look for red flags about mental stability lol

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