Am I taking texting too seriously? Sometimes he doesn't comment on things I write back?

I've been on one date with a guy, who I met online. And we hit it off, had a couple drinks and talked for 2.5 hours.
We were corresponding over text as I was on vacation, stayed here but had my parents visit. And he recently left for vacation in EU.
He initiated the texting and to start a convo he would mention what he was doing (e. g., played softball for first time). I would comment on that. He would ask what my plans were for vaca. I would list a few things we had done, but he never commented back on that. We mostly talked about what he was doing. It kind of peeved me but then I think I should give him some slack, he is on vacation in EU and he mentioned being a bit hungover or recovering from jet lague several times. Also, texting isn't meant for full convos anyway.
(I'm a late bloomer in the dating field, as you can tell).


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  • He's on vacation! He doesn't have the time for texting. He's out drinking, busy having a complete blast for the short amount of time he is there. Vacations are meant to take a break from the real world for some time. The actual time he has to text, he's too busy trying not to fall asleep.

    Text him wishing that he has a blast on his vacation, then wait for him to get back home and settled in the real world again.. let him initiate the convo after that. Texting while it is known he is on vacation, or at least the amount that you made it seem you were doing in your question, can come off slightly clingy and annoying. Take a break, wait for him to get settled back from his vacation, and then go on from there. Good luck. xoxo

    • Thanks. Just wanted to clarify, he initiated the texting and he would ask q's. We exchange about 1 text a day, spread apart by many hours. I'm trying to dwindle it down to every few days. (I did just send him one text wishing him a good vaca, but he responded with a q and other funny things, so it kept it rolling).

    • I always try to dwindle texts like this situation to around 2-3 days.. keeps it open, and there's more things to talk about as it doesn't make the conversation a boring "What are you doing? nothing much, you?".

  • Well he could be busy and stuff lol, since he's on vacation and all.
    And omggggg haha :((( me and my ex used to talk for like 7 hours! Lol But that was a long timeee agooo