What makes a girl go from only wanting you, to wanting to date around?

To sum it up:

Knew this girl for 3 months. In the beginning she was totally into me and outright said she's looking for a long term thing right now. She's also done/said some stuff that suggests she was ONLY focused on me too

About half way into knowing her (month and a half) we got into a major fight but made up the next day. I still talked to her about if we're still "on" for dating or not, she kept saying "i dont know" or "maybe" and "stop pressuring me" which sounds weird and random right?

She then told me, she doesn't want to settle right now and wants to look around. I'm kinda heart broken but getting over it. I asked her if she's still interested in me or not, she assured me she still is though

Anyway what makes a girl go from only wanting YOU to now wanting to explore around?

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  • Well me personally, I've started to stop liking my current crush who likes me back... We went from it easy to make conversation with him to me worrying about what to say because he unintentionally makes me feel like an idiot by his remarks to what I say or something. And how we use to act around eachother has changed. I use to always be touchy flirty with him but now I feel like I have to force myself to do it and I wonder if he even wants me to anymore. I feel this tension.

    Also, he is missing the essential qualities I need in a guy, like actually giving a dam about study and actually trying.

    What I'm saying is when things stop being how they use to because of change in behaviors and things, it feels like the person is a different person and not the person you liked in the first place, meaning feelings can disappear unexpectedly :/ this is one possibility

    • Yeah she said to me her feelings changed. Is if a result of this drama that happened? Or did she secretly scope out a new guy while we talked?

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    • Yeah, I understand why you would be thinking that. Is it possibly for you to ask her or would that be too hard for you?

    • I could ask I guess, I'm still confused because as I said in the question she still likes me but also wants to look around too? It's not that she doesn't like me amy more or it'it'd be obvious why

      It is obvious though her commitment to me going away means she lost interest, yet she still shows signs of having some? That's why I'm confused

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What Girls Said 1

  • Probably because she figured you were wasting her time or leading her on. Eventually becomes detached from you and realizes there are other men out there. I wish other men would realize this that women will move on if you do not pursue them. Not everybody will stay on a string for the rest of their lives

    • Actually that's what I feel she did to me I felt she strung me along. Not bases off the question, just stuff she does

    • Did you ever make a move on her though while you knew she wanted you?

    • yes, but she always pushed it off, thats why i felt like she strung me along

What Guys Said 2

  • To be honest man, she may still feel, but she's hanging you out by the curb, which isn't fair. Just see other women until she has a straightforward response, until then, you can decide if it's really worth the wait.

  • girls usually don't know them selfs, bro and they lie to themselves about so many things, just pay attention to this site, they write about the guy they like and say they hate him but wanna fuck him they contradict themselves all the time, so dont believe half of what these girls are saying