Do you think he likes me or not?

I have this guy friend and we are really close friends along with what we call our 'ghetto crew' don't ask about the name😂 but he asks me to sit by him at lunch at school (we're in 10tn grade) and when ever he can he'll talk to me about really nothing XD he also messes with me like we'd fight kindof like brother and sister but in a sarcastic way (we have known eachother since the third grade) one more thing, after school he would leave his guy friends that he walks with to walk with me to the busses/my car.

does he like me or are these like best-friendy things to do? haha.

forgot to add this, if he's playing games on his phone with his friends at lunch (mainly clash of clans I think it's called) he won't say a word to me even if I talk to him about baseball or hockey
he'll just say 'mhmm' and continue plays this game


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  • Definitely likes you.


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