Is she ignoring me or am I overanalyzing? Apologies for the length?

Ok so I started talking to this girl in tinder Monday afternoon, had a good conversation about her daughter where she was from and she made a joke about my accent since my fam is from Minnesota and continued to talk about what we do and everything. She gave me her number and instantly we kinda hit it off, joking and poking fun at each other and had a good conversation about a similar but different vacations we went on. Later she sent me a pic of herself in her twin peaks uniform and then asked me for a "selfie" so I did. And we just kept talking and joking so effortlessly through the night until she fell asleep. The next day she was working asked me to add her on snapchat, exchanged a couple and since she was working the messages were few and far between but after a few hours I sent her this message "This may be too soon and short notice buuuuut I have tickets to the chiefs game Thursday and my friend cancelled on me soo would you like to go with me?" And she responded "I really have been wanting to but I'm working a double 😞" and then I responded casually but i haven't heard anything from her since. I sent her a snapchat, she read it but didn't respond and I know she's at least receiving others since her points keep rising, although it isn't a lot at all, and I saw she was on tinder during the time I hadn't heard from her. So am I being ignored? Or am i overanalyzing? Sorry again about the length!

A little update, earlier tonight I got sick of waiting for her to respond so I just texted her saying "I asked you out way too early didn't I?" And she said she had just been working a double the last two nights and that I haven't done anything wrong


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  • I think you're being kind of ignored, she must got scared some of us do when we see actual interest.

    And another thing to consider is that many people download tinder just to have some fun by chating with them

    I know it can be hard but you should keep trying

    • Any suggestions on how I should go about doing that? I'm not sure what to say without possibly making it awkward lol

    • I'd keep it casual, get yourself bussy and make her wait a little bit before asking again.
      Don't apologize never again for asking for something you wanted! You wanted to go out with her so you asked, you have that right don't you?

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  • Sometimes Online, in the beginning when everything seems Hunky Dorey, and you say: "Wow... He or she could be the one," things do a complete turn around 360 Degree Cold as ice And-----She read it but didn't respond.
    Perhaps things Were moving along a bit too fast, and in between her 'Working a double,' she had a chance to think things out and just had a---Change of heart. She Could have grew Cold Duck feet, wandering Quickly back into the murky waters, and while 'Under the deep blue sea'-------Her points keep rising. She is most likely Out there again, 'Talking and joking so effortlessly' with Others. Yes----This may be too soon.
    I believe that she May have been just flirting and fooling around with you, perhaps had no intentions of going out with you, for she may have second thoughts of meeting up with you. This could even be her Own 'Game' that she plays with Other guys. You never know what is in anyone's head when you go Online with them.
    Move on, start 'Snapping' with someone else, who is 'More serious' and doesn't play ball with you. I think this one may Now have you on her pay no mind list.
    Good luck. xx

    • totally agree with you...

    • Thank you, and you're smart too... I smell a rat, and being I feel you deserve better, forget her like yesterday's trash... xx

  • It's possible she isn't interested. Don't contact her again, see if she responds if not yes she's ignoring you

  • ok... i think you should do something else in your life rather than waiting for her. if she is interested, she would show her interest... otherwise... you need to move on.. for some better improved gal

    • Oh I'm definitely not waiting for her. I just thought we clicked really well ya know? And I thought she showed at least a little interest. I usually don't get ignored if that's indeed what's happening but for some reason it just irks me a bit. Maybe it's because she's drop dead gorgeous? I don't know lol

    • that's what people do sometime... show interest and than go backward... may be to re-think.. but it does not take much time to reply or send you a message... its disrespectful as well... just ignore... and give her sometime... if she is interested... she will reply...

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