How did you end up dating and start getting into a relationship?

Im 21 and never had a bf. Its not that I'm unattractive or bad personality. I have had a couple of dates but give off a friend vibe and we just end up as good friends. If anyone is in my situation how did you overcome this?
I'll find a dude cute/hot whatever go on a dates then end up as friends :/


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  • I've always had the same problem until I got my first proper boyfriend. They say you'll find someone when you least expect it. Id say don't worry about it too much. Where do you meet these guys? Try meeting guys at pubs/clubs or your work place


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  • I'm 25 and I've been single all my life. Mind you that was by choice, I've never been interested in settling with anyone. I've had over 16 girls chase me, kiss me, and have sometimes gone a little further, but never a relationship. It's not a bad thing. :)


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