How much different is college dating from high school dating?

Like I understand there's more freedom and less pressure from parents and such, but as someone who is going to be a college freshman in almost two weeks and has already met someone that I'd want to date, I want to know if the interactions from asking her out to the first date to the relationship over time are different from high school dating? Also are college girls more open to long term exclusive relationships? I'm only asking cause in my high school it seems like everyone is more interested in hooking up than real relationships.


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  • Honestly, depending where you go, it can be frustrating trying to find someone to date seriously. It's the first taste of actual freedom people get, and they'll of course take advantage of that. I was a college freshman last year, and I learned quickly that almost everyone on my campus preferred hookups to actual dating. Many people won't be up for a long-term exclusive relationship. A guy I was texting the other day actually told me I might as well get married since I'm not into casual flings and such. It sucks.

    But it's definitely not everyone. If she's serious about dating you, I think you should go ahead and give it a try! It can't hurt.

    • I mean I've been talking to her for a while now and she's showing interest but I'm not 100% sure if she wants a long term relationship. I still want to try though. There's none of that awkward drama like in high school where it's hard to stay friends after right?

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    • Oh ok. I'm thinking I want to risk it. It's better to do it sooner than later right?

    • @LoloWaye You are not into casual flings because you respect yourself as a lady.

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  • well basically it's your first taste of adulthood. You don't go back to your parents houes, you go to your dorms ( or apartments) It canbe informal or formal, and let me tell you it's confusing and frustrating reading people sometimes. Try to avoid hookups if you want a serious relationships, those hookups won't ever make suitable relationships.

    • Ok, so long as I make clear I want a long term relationship then I shouldn't have a problem right? Are there a lot of people only looking for hookups or are there plenty of people looking for long term relationships?

    • I feel like that is something that has to be established sooner rather than later... I mean she could end up with some other guy because she thinks you're not interested. Also the younger you are the more people just want to hook up and not be anything serious

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  • You can bet that college girls are not up for long term, exclusive dating. Especially freshmen. They are more than likely up for the exact opposite.

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