What's the best way to make him admit if he wants to be in a relationship with me or not?

I want to be tactful. I'm dating two guys right now. Let's call them Ben and Scott. Both know that I am talking to other people. Ben already stated he doesn't want to share me but the problem is I like the other Scott more. However, I don't want to lead Ben on. Me and Scott have been hanging out and I know he likes me and is looking for something more but he is not one to text and isn't easily excitable around me so even though he tells me he's into me I get nervous. Now I know you will say just ask him straight out but I prefer he makes the decision or admits that he wants to date me exclusively because that way I know he's ready and after being cheated on I never want to have a guy feel pressured to be monogamous with me when he's not ready. Scott has admitted to being jealous when he 'thought' I was going out on a date with another guy.
So Guys, how can I be tactful without being straight forward and have him just admit he likes me enough to want to be in a serious relationship with me?


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  • This is easy your over thinking it! Your two guys are obviously worth your time. But now step back, out your self in there shoes. Who's saying your worth there time? Once you find out don't be shy and say, I know you like me and I see myself being happy in a relationship with you. And that's it! I bet he'll respond with "great wanna get dinner tomorrow?"

    • Omg! I feel so nervous though confronting him. I've never had to be so straight forward because usually the guys are like that.

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    • We ended up talking and I confronted him again asking him if he's okay with me dating other people since he claimed to had been jealous. He said he had no issues. So repeated and said so you are okay with me going out with someone else and don't want me to stop. He said no and it's too much pressure for him to make the decision and he just wants to see where our friendship goes. So I guess I will continue to date the other guy... in fact I might just end up telling him I am going to stick with the other guy since he's more open about his feelings so I don't feel like I'm being mislead.

    • A friend told me he is just being stubborn and not admitting to being that interested but that's his loss I guess.

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