Is she just a friend? Is there a chance she is interested? Girls what would you think? Guys previous experience. Thoughts? Ideas? or Advice?

When going through a break up, I asked a previous ex (KC) if ever pushed her away...(reason for my most recent breaking up SB) Her reply was "No, I never got that vibe from you at all. When we were together we didn't work out because of my issues. you're great guy and If someone is telling you different then they are wrong"
Me and SB broke up. I told KC that SB wanted to move out was suggesting time apart, KC replied "Then let her. Give her her time and Space, she'll either figure out she misses you & come back or she wont; if she doesn't then its her loss and She probably isn't right for you anyway" We talked the next few days as she had gone through a break up of her own last fall/winter.
Anyway after a few weeks of silence we were talking about the World Cup and KC randomly asked me about the breakup, how it was going and how I was feeling. I told her that we were done and that I was doing pretty good. Since then, we have been texting, snapchatting, talking on Facebook everyday. She teases me a lot, calls me Nerd, dork, etc and we talk about pretty much everything, her dogs, food, sports, movies, work, shopping, cars, etc.
I've seen her once in person, we talked for about 20-30 minutes mostly about mutual friends, some she hangs out with more often and viceversa. At the end of the conversation we talked about needing to hang out soon. Not sure if it was her or me who brought it up we both smiled and left it at that.
Whenever I talk to KC, its the only time I dont think about SB. I think I'm falling for her again. I want to ask her out on a date; not sure if she's even interested or just being nice/friendly (We dated in the past, off and one for about 2-3 years... last time about 4 years ago).
I guess is it a good idea? Should I just back off and stay friends? If I go for it are any "date" ideas Or how do I approach an ex?


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  • Well since you already dated her, she probably still has some sort of an attraction to you... As she did before I would assume. I would reccomend you see if she is trying to be more touchy while hanging out because that's a sign she may like you. also if she constantly digits with her hair, clothes, or lips... etc that's a clear sign there too or if you have a low in a conversation just try asking her you'll be surprised if you say it the right way she may be completely honest with you. unless she's shy she may blush aloy


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