Guys, how do you show your ex you miss her/want her back?

We had a silly argument where he said some horrible things and upset me, we broke up, and I foolishly blocked him on all social media, we also haven't spoke for two weeks. I regret it but don't want him to think it's ok what he said by me making first contact. Guys do you ever hold off making contact as you think you've gone to far? Or just don't make contact as you think she doesn't want you too? What would you do in this situation if it was you and you wanted her back? Should I make contact?


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  • If it's just a 'silly argument' and you broke up over it, I'm sure there will be another 'silly argument' in the future and history will repeat itself..

    Unless I genuinely thought it was my fault I'm not messaging her after we break up, esp if she blocked my contact.

  • I fix all the problems that was wrong in our relationship, but I do them for me. Then after awhile to heal and move on. I eventually find her again, and when she sees me as a different man. We choose to try again or let it go.


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