Why a guy gives me glances and when I caught him he started seeing somewhere else?

There's my colleague whom I know since one year. We have good talking terms with each other and have understanding on various issues of our organization. However I have noticed him many times, he gives me quick glances like for a second and then turns his eyes away. But he does it often. Even wen dre was our party of friends, I saw him looking at me after a minute or two as he entered the room. He usually does it when I am not noticing (Sometimes quick glances or sometimes he checks upon for more than secs. That day it was a co-incidence & I turned my eyes towards him, He turned his eyes immediately away.. He was looking at me. What could this all be about?


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  • He's shy. Get him alone. Ask him out to coffee. If he's not interested, you can pull it off as just coffee between coworkers.


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