I think this girl wants to date me but now I'm not sure if I'm interested or not?

I kinda did want to date her but she's only here for work for the summer then goes back to city for school. last year when I saw her she had a bf but they must of broke up at some point. I think she'd make a good gf and all but distance going to be an issue as even at moment she doesn't live that close to me. and she strikes me as kinda girl who'd want more of a serious relationship than just casual type thing.

but anyways she has been acting different lately and we've had a couple conversations where there seemed to be more of a connection than before and she actually came out to bar and talked to me , she normally wouldn't even go out. so that was a big clue she might be more interested than in past , I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing , I think I might enjoy dating her but at same time if I didn't date her I don't think I'd be that upset


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  • Long distance really does not work. I would think about dating her when the distance is shorter.


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