How to know if you're dating a player?

What are major signs you're dating a player vs a guy who is confident, experienced, and flirty?

Are there any signs a girl can look for?


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  • Usually the extra slick guys (the ones that know exactly how to butter you up and say the right things) are the ones you should be careful of. Not saying you shouldn't date them, but keep a close eye on how he interacts with other girls. If he winks and compliments too much. Always have your guard up sweetie. Men could be sneaky little creatures.


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  • The guy you are seeing is like perfect though not ready to commit or get serious.

    The guy your best friend just started seeing is perfect except not ready to commit.

    You've never met her guy.

    You seem always be busy on opposite nights from her.

  • If he interacts with a lot of girls, gets a little too close to girls for a guy in a relationship, or has cheated on any of his previous girlfriends. Those are probably the biggest signs.


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