Would a guy date a less attractive girl to have that secure feeling she won't cheat?

when me & my ex broke up he started dating this girl who was like "ehh" looking .

and I'm not trying to be conceited or w.e

but I was the best looking girl he ever dated. & plus he's very good looking too.

he didn't like when guys use to hit on me and check me out but yeah back to the question lol . would a guy do that , do you think he started dating her so he won't feel like he has to look out for her as much as he had to do with me ?

& yes I still care about him



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  • Yeah, he swapped you for this ugly girl who definitely isn't as pretty as you are because you were just too perfect in every conceivable way. The overabundance of sense this makes is now forcing me to pass out. Bye.


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  • Well, you admit you still care for him so I think you need to let it go and try to move on and stop trying to find excuses/reasons.

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