Do you ever like who you THINK someone is, rather than who they are?

Do you know what I mean? Like you start to develop strong feelings for someone you know, but you never get close enough to know how they really are? So you kinda fill in the blanks in your mind and paint them as someone who is most likely much better than they are?

I think this is happening with me. And its hard to get over someone like this.


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  • This isn't the same thing, but I was working with this girl, and one thing I liked about her was she seemed really practical. Then another girl told me that her handbag that she carried to work had to cost several thousand dollars based on the brand name.

    • Eh same concept.

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    • The situation wasn't like that. He wasn't an asshole.

    • Not this time, but just watch out for child-like adults.

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  • Yes it's happened to me, and it was a mind fuck. Very hard to get over it, plus the guy really led me on. He was the opposite of what I thought he was. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing

    • I'm sorry. That sounds really awful.
      Its bad because you have to accept that the person you like doesn't exist

    • Yes it was bad. It's better to find out what they are really like sooner rather than later, so you can deal and move on

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