Is he actually interested in me or am I being naiive?

I'm seeing a guy I met online but we aren't officially in a relationship. I have been seeing him for about a month.

He would ask me questions about myself and share info about himself and chat with me for a long time for roughly one week.

I told him I would not hook up with him, and he did continue to message me.

He would ask questions like my goals in life, my views on certain things, my family, etc. We would also talk about things like our likes and dislikes- food, music, movies, etc.

When I met him he didn't try anything funny. We just talked and hugged good night.

I began seeing him four or five times a week over the past month. He would always say he had a good time with me, even though I was quite shy with him.

He is touchy though and I'm not sure how normal it is for a guy to like touching a girl so much. In the beginning he started out by brushing my shoulder or holding my hand, but now he does a lot more.

He's felt my breast under my shirt and kissed me on my stomach and he likes to grab my butt a lot. Is that too much?

I could tell he wanted to kiss on the second date and I told him I wasn't ready so he waited until our 10th date roughly.

He is a very busy grad student and seems to make a lot of time for me. We live an hour apart and he said he will try to drive up to see me.

He likes to buy me food and he said he told a friend of his about me. He told me what he would get me for my birthday and it seemed like he put a lot of thought into it. He also wants to meet my sister.

He also told me he likes making me happy.

He doesn't want to date me officially right now. We both have a lot going on work wise and he said it would be hard to put in the time for a relationship. He said we can talk about what we are doing after I take a big exam I'm prepping for

He said he doesn't want to tie me down and that I can see other guys if I want. He also said he probably wouldn't see anyone else because he just doesn't have time to.

He told me I am someone who he would like to be in a relationship with, and that I am the type of girl who he would consider marrying.


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  • Meh. I call BS. Keep your pants on.

    • Why do you think he isn't genuine? What should I do?

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