How to ask out a girl at the gym? (attn shy girls!)

I've been going to the same gym for 4 months, and a really attractive girl is often there at the same time.
A while back, I approached her and introduced myself. She flashed this dazzling smile, which I never saw before.. and it nearly left me breathless haha
We chatted a bit.
She has a shy, rather introverted personality.. which I find very sexy.
I make sure to always smile and say hi, when I see her... she always reciprocates.
The last while I've caught her watching me several times.. and she always acknowledges me by name and smiles when I arrive.
Today, after my workout, she walked up to me, smiled and fistbumped me, saying 'nice job'..
In your opinion, is she just being nice, or does she want more?
I really want to ask her out, any ideas? How do I not 'creep' her out?


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  • Go for it. Just ask her out for coffee or dinner

    • Thanks.. Thinking cruising along the ocean in my Jeep, stopping for lunch and good conversation.

    • That sounds great! Perfect plan

  • She wants the D.

    • lol i doubt it. and I'm looking for a relationship, not just sex.. but thanks!

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