How many dates do you go on with a woman showing you are interested in a serious one?

I am on the a third date with this guy, is it too early to tell if things will get more serious?


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  • It depends on the guy. I've gone out with women for months when I had no interest in a relationship. I've had friends that went on a couple dates and were ready for a serious relationship. I even have an uncle that proposed to my aunt on the first date because her fried chicken was so good and now they've been married over 25 years (though he claims she's never made fried chicken that good since). There's no real way to know if/when a guy is interested in getting more serious relationship. If he really is though he'll let you know when he's ready.

    • "I've gone out with women for months when I had no interest in a relationship."

      Why? Why did you waste each other's time like that and use the woman? Geniunely curious here

    • I honestly didn't want anything to do with her but my friends kept telling me to so I did and at the time I wasn't seeing anybody else either so she kinda like filled in the gaps I suppose.

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