Is this a sign? All seems strange to me?

Guy im seeing said he was tired because of work and goes for a nap , but I noticed he's on whatsapp so jokingly I messaged tut tut lol , abd he replied back " I know my friend is chatting to me can't just ignore him " then he said about football and then he sent me a screenshot of the conversation between him and his friend to me :/ I why did you sent me that and he said to show you why I'm online. Then he takes a selfie of himself looking tired and sends me that with a text with it saying I'm pooped. I replied your coming across strange he then said I'm just tired. I felt annoyed not that he was online but all this rubbish he was sending me to prove something? I messaged a few sarcastic words in a mean but funny way then he replied " shut up " and went offline , am I being paranoid about all this or does it seem dodgy to you?

He knows I have trust issues , but I honestly don't mind he's online it's the way he responded


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  • His buddy was talking to him and he proved it to you.. Don't see the issue.


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  • Lol he got something to hide.


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  • K so I fell asleep reading this. Just leave it alone. NNNNNEEEEEXXXXTTTT...