Autism and Relationships?

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with autism and relationships? Either as someone on the spectrum or with someone?


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  • Im a girl, & I have autisim. It really isn't noticable from me. My best friend has known me since we were in the 6th grade, we will be seniors in hs this year. She has no idea that I have it, & I have not told her. If she does suspect me to have it, she hasn't said anything yet. But I do guess that my autisim has affected the way I date, flirt, etc. Im 18 already, & have never kissed, dated, or had a bf before. And I know its not because Im ugly, because Im not ugly. Guy do approach me, I just dont connect with them or allow them to talk to me for long.

    • Have you thought about how to deal with that lack of connection? The "just do it" advise everyone doesn't end well.

    • Of course I've thought about it, but never really acted on it.

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  • Well I don't have any experience. But there are some autistic children I know. They are perfectly normal people but they suffer from lack of control of their behavior and desires. For example if they want to eat sth, they go and they take from someone s hands. Well it is what it is.
    Most of them can be better if they are educated. In relationship wise you have to be really nice and patient, if you want to work it out. It will be hard not gonna lie.

    • I'm the aspi, hoping to get an idea of what others have to deal with. I hope I can be worth it to someone.

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    • 5 years since my last relationship, not even a hug since then. Thank you but I kinda have to be real about it.

    • Well I am not aspi but I have been single for a long time too. It has effect not denying it, but not as much as you think. You gotta try, never lose your hope.

  • My friend is autistic and he's in a relationship, and their relationship is near perfect.

    • How did they get past the disconnect? I have so many questions about it but simply I want to know more about it. How did they overcome the troubles? How did she not run away in the first 30 seconds?

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  • is that true, QA? that autistic girls are more difficult to distinguish from "normal" girls?

    I ask b/c there's a girl I've been interested in, and I'm not sure if she's just weird or autistic. I've seriously thought she may be autistic.

    • It's true, they are more likely to be apart of social circles, go out and do things and get more experience learning how to 'speak" neurotypical. I don't have much exp being a female aspi but we can take this private and I can see if I can help.

  • My mate went out with an autistic girl once and didn't really notice it lol, but i think she was very borderline and could cope without acting 'abnormal'. To end the story he said he fucked her.

    • It's common for female aspis to seem more normal in general because of various aspects of their gender.

    • Fair do's mate catch ya later.