What to do here with this person?

So this girl and i have casually reconnected on fb talking about food. I moved back where she lives and i grew up and we hung out like 3x where she asked to hang out. She is unfortunately leaving to finish school. The times we did hang out were great. Tho the third time we got to taking about what were looking for. I asked if she was single and she said yes kind of so i was like ok so there's still hope lol but she explained she's moving and not looking for anything which i get and told her and was adamant on not trying to mess with her feelings but being that good guy back where she's from. She's very independent and whenever we are out its been a good time and she's made time to go out with me within the few days since i got back and she has to leave. But how do i approach handling this? Leave it as is? Which totally isn't me i usually like to keep the girl laughing while still making my intentions clear as i break down a wall like this. While she's gone keep it nice and casual and funny? I've said i would come visit maybe and send her the cool food stuff I'm making and she asked me to send her some and come visit cuz i don't have a lot of friends up there anyway. So what to do now?


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  • Well I don't know the girl... but I can tell you I strongly advise you to keep the friendzone in mind. You play it "casual" for too long w/o your clear intentions being made... you get friendzoned.
    My personal opinion is try to move on. If she is someone you cannot let go that easily make your intentions clear and show her you're willing to make it work no matter the circumstances (her moving).
    Then really all you can do is let her decide, not much else is in your control.

    • Ya i made my intentions clear told her i don't care how many times you reject me I'm just gunna keep coming at you lol she laughed

  • Don't play friends with her since you're not wanting friendship. Obviously a serious relationship isn't likely since she's moving but if you want to go visit her, ask her out. Make it clear that its a date and not a friendship thing. Ask her out now and if she says yes then make sure you make a move on her. Make it clear that its not "two friends hanging out casually". Then after your date tell her that you'd love to visit her to take her out again.


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