Asking a girl out. do I do it differently because of my wheelchair?

I recently started seeing this nice girl around quite a lot we smile at each other a lot. and say hi. I find her very attractive.
by the way I have never asked a girl on a date before


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  • I was in a wheelchair and let's just say I walk sexier than the normal ;)
    So get chattin' up quite a bit, maybe use some flirt tricks with the chair. She already noticed you, so make her feel needed and admired. For example if something is on a shelf, ask if she can get it and when she gives it to you hold her hand softly and briefly.
    Use your intellect and romantic side of you, and you will have her number in no time leading to a date. Make sure you a good listener, be relax and just be you :)


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  • You should definitely go about it as anyone else would, have confidence. If she rejects you don't let that get you down 7 billion+ people in the world so take it as that. Good Luck!

  • If she's interested in you, she won't care that you're in a wheelchair <3
    Love doesn't have limits :)
    good luck :)


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  • Nope, I think you should just go for it and pursue her like you would anyone else. You don't need to do ANYTHING differently, and I'm sure that if this girl's worthy of your affections, then she won't want you to treat her differently anyways.

    I say just go for it, man. Get to know her a little bit like you would with anyone else, and make your move.

    Good luck!!! :-)

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