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This hot ex coworker girl and I are kind of buddies. She's married though. When we worked at the same company we only worked together at the same location a handful of times but we were always super cool. We got it off. She's naturally flirty, and we'd go back and forth cracking each other up. One day she emailed me out of the blue while we worked there, just kind of checking up on me because I was stressed out about a work thing. From there we chatted through email frequently. Now I've been away a year and a half and we keep in touch through email, she emailed me first I think after I left and from there it's been mostly me initiating contact, but she will chat with me over the course of a few days. So we've been chatting quite a but recently and I haven't emailed her in a couple weeks. So she emails me out of the blue at 11pm Friday night from her personal email (which I didn't know because I've always emailed her at work email). The subject was ";)" and it was a link to a funny YouTube up about hot girls being crazy. Lol.

The weird thing was the email had her name and cell phone number as like her signature which I've never seen for a personal email. So what's up with this? Does she want me to text her? She's married so I can't tell what's up?


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  • she's definitely interested in you. but she's married. don't cheat with her because that could get really messy and it's not fair. and assuming she does like you and you guys wanted a relationship, not a one-nighter or whatever, what makes you think she wouldn't get bored of YOU like she did (or probably did) her husband?


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