Confronting the guy I'm seeing, asking him if he's also seeing other woman?

I've been seeing a guy for a couple months now. I see him maybe once or twice a week due to busy work schedules. However, I'm really falling for him and I don't know where our relationship is going? We never actually had the "talk" because I'm afraid of loosing what we have and making thing weird. But it has been bothering me to know where I stand.

Also, I feel like he also could be seeing other girls which I know I have no say since we aren't exclusive however, we are intimate so for my own safety I feel I have a right to know. I just have lack of trust with him because when we met he actually had a gf & cheated on her with me

Can anyone give me advice on how I should go about this situation?


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  • "I'm starting to fall for you, and I'm at a point now where you need to let me know if you're serious about me, or if I should walk away before I get hurt."