How to feel okay with your boyfriend going to a party where his old crush will be?

I get jealous easily and worry so much even though my boyfriend tells me not to.

He will be going to a party and his first crush will be there and even though they never went out, I am still uncomfortable that he will see her (he hasn't seen her in a while) and I won't be there.

I just want to know how to make myself feel that it's going to be okay and not to get angry at him for going there because I want him to go.

I just feel worried about him going.


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  • Booze. Lots and lots of booze.


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  • If you don't let him do this, and take a chance and trust him this time, you'll never know if you really can trust him, and just stay paranoid until it drives him away. You need to face this fear so that you can properly address if the fear is real.