Mixed response to asking a girl out?

So last weekend I met a girl out drinking, I know her from before and we always engage in a good conversation when we meet, and she is always very happy to see me. I think this girl is really cool so I decided to get her number so I could Ask her out. I had an errand to run the next day and called her to ask if she would like to join me for Coffee afterwards, she said yes - but the tone of her voice didn't (maybe she was the one getting nervous, idk). Messaged her the day after with the when and where I was gonna grab coffee, she replies that she has to work. Suddenly i think about the phonecall, and her tone of voice. I kindly reply and say 'ok, have a nice day at work :)'. I am going to pursue this further, but I dont date much, so girls give it to me straight. When is the approporiate time to call her again? When do you think guys are just being annoying? Any dating advice? I might add that im 20, decent looking and its the first girl I've asked out. And its been a while since i met a girl i like. I just dont want to fuk up.


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  • There is no one guide to dating girls, we are all different and have different views on the "call back rule". I would probably wait until you run into her again. At that point you could see her response. She could have been preoccupied when u called to ask or forgot about work, you never know. At least if she's gave to face with you, you'll have her expression to judge. Sounds like she must have some interest for you though, seeing as she gave you her number so don't get discouraged!


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  • I would leave the ball in her court so to speak, you made the proposal and she declined it because she was busy, so if she is interested she should make an alternative time and place to meet for coffee. The fact that she hasn't done this suggests to me that she has a low interest level in you and isn't worth pursuing.

    • Good answer man. Just confirming my own thoughts to be honest. I dont like to waste time or energy pursuing something that might never happen.

    • That's a good attitude to have.

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