Why am I always put in the friend zone?

So I'm kinda like a stoner-gamer-laid back type of person that loves rock music! But almost every time I like a guy, that get so comfortable around me and start to call me their best friend... yeah the friend zone. How can I stop this from happening? :(


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  • Being in the friendzone is a choice. If you are interested in someone it is your goal to make it known to them, and to make advances on them. If you want to be more than friends, try and make it that way, don't wait around. If they are interested, they will go along with it. If they aren't, they won't. If you are getting comfortable with eachother and you aren't more than friends, you've already put yourself into the friendzone.

  • Because you let him put you there. It's your fault for getting into the friend zone. STOP being friends with guys you find romantically attractive. Be nice, be flirty, but do not be their friend. Be crystal clear with your intentions that you want more than friendship.


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