Are these good measurements for a woman?

My measurements are 36-26-36. Guys (or girls), what do you think of those numbers?

I am about 5'4"


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  • So you have a 36 bust, 26 waist, and 36 hips? which if I recall correctly are some kind of standard somewhere.

    It depends on body shape, height, and such. because if you are 5 feet tall thats going to make you look like a weeble.

    What are these in reference to?

  • I think these numbers don't mean anything. So... By extension there can be no good measurements in the sense you're looking for.

    • totally agree... only shallow people think about such things

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    • Okay, then you've got nothing to worry about. Though I consider working out when you run 10 miles in say... 80 minutes.

    • Though it may just be me, but in my diet, healthy eating excludes tobacco, coffee, sugar, carbonated drinks, saturated and trans fats, alcohol and so on. And sleep for me is like 10-6 or 5 am. That kind of stuff, and you can't miss once on it.

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