What way should I tell him that I'm taken?

So there is this city bus driver who is very friendly with me. He always flirts with me in a subtle ways. The problem is, is I currently have a boyfriend. And I've stopped taking the city bus at the time that he works. In what way should I tell him that I'm taken. I want him to get the point that he can't flirt with me. I'm also annoyed that he would be rude to my friend.


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  • Search the web a little and find a shirt that says "I am taken... flirt with me and my boyfriend will break your jaw". He will definitely get the message, one of my ex's had this shirt custom ordered from the web and wore it a lot... also her wallpaper on her phone was a pic of me right after the gym, I looked like a monster, nobody took a chance, needless to say, I never had to break any jaws.

  • Its really easy... tell him (I AM TAKEN)


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