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Okay I'd like advice from anyone.. Now I haven't talked to this girl yet but if she's into me I wanna date her. She's not the party kinda girl she's more of those girls that stay home. She's pretty cute but I wanna at least take her on a date. But I've been kinda lacking in going on dates lol. Kinda usually pick a girl up and just chill at a park. What's a good place to take her? Also what attracts you girls to you a guy? I know every girls different but what are the main things. Like hair, outfit , and such. I plan on being myself with her but I wanna look good. I'm about 6 foot and weigh around 265. So kinda on the big side. All dressed up and classy or casual? Any outfit or style ideas? Something I could find on Google and match it.. Thanks if you reply means a lot 👌


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  • It sounds like if she's a stay at home kind of girl, I would start with something simple, like a restaurant. I wouldn't go with anything too crowded or busy so thatyou still have an intimate conversation. As for dress, I would stick with casual like blue jeans and a decent shirt (not even necessarily collared). Good luck and just keep her engaged in conversation. We become attracted to men who intrigue us first


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